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Kevlar harness

Sköld presents to the market an ideal harness for welding work at heights. It can also be used in tasks where there is a risk of flame, welding, continuous heat, high abrasion or rescue, among others.

Our line of harnesses ranges from teams of one ring to eight.

Available Models :  AK1, AK3  and AK4.


Kevlar/Nomex tape with environmental corrosion resistance of 40 cal/cm2.

Passes NFPA 1971/1981 heat test.

Passes NFPA 1971/1981 flash test.

 Resistance of 7,000 pounds of tension in the tape.

5 point adjustment.

Available in 1, 3 and 4 rings.

Available with drop indicator.

Adjustable sub pelvic band.

Adjustable D-ring with 5,000 lbs. (2,268 kg) static strength.

Buckles with static resistance of 1,815 kg (4,000 lbs).

Adjustable chest strap.

4,082 kg (9,000 lbs) static strength tape.

Belt retaining clips for legs, chest and shoulders.

Inspection tag.

Serial number.

Buckles and rings with 48-hour environmental corrosion resistance.

Load capacity: 140 kg. (310lbs).

OPTIONAL: Upper back padding system (with extra cost).

Proteccion Contra Caidas Skold

Proteccion Contra Caidas Skold

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