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Dielectric Harness

Sköld's fall arrest harness is one of the most versatile harnesses on the market, with the purpose of arresting free falls in jobs with a height greater than 1.80 meters, or a height of less than 1.80 meters in a dangerous condition.


It is made of nylon with adjustment in the legs, shoulders, chest and sub-pelvic area, so that in the event of a free fall, all the forces of the impact load are distributed evenly through the legs, hips, chest and shoulders.


In this way, the result is a harness that fits the user perfectly for maximum protection and comfort.


Sub pelvic adjustable band.

5 adjustment points on the back, shoulders and hips.

Adjustable D-ring.

Belt retaining clips for legs, chest and shoulders.

Inspection tag.

Serial number.

Fall indicator.

 Yellow and black bands, making inspection easier.

Galvanized steel hardware, salt and corrosion proof.

OPTIONAL: Upper back padding system (with extra cost).

Ancla 1

Dielectric Line

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HARNESS [ Full Body ]

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HARNESS [ Full Body ]

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