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Spartan harness

Sköld presents its new economic fall protection line Spartan, so that people who work in risky places have the possibility of working safely, with the purpose of stopping the free fall in works of a height greater than 1.80 meters, or a height of less than 1.80 meters in dangerous condition.

It is made of nylon with adjustments in the chest and sub-pelvic area, so that in the event of a fall, all the forces of the impact load are distributed evenly through the legs, hips, chest and shoulders, distributing the pressures generated upwards and outwards, reducing the probability of injuries when his fall is stopped abruptly; The result is a harness that fits the user perfectly for maximum protection and comfort.


Anti-fall back ring.

Adjustable sub pelvic band.

3 adjustment points on torso, legs and chest.

Adjustable chest strap.

4,082 kg (9,000 lbs) static strength tape.

Webbing retainer clips for legs, chest and shoulders.

Inspection label.

Serial number.

Can accommodate a tool belt.

Orange color making inspection easier.

Salinity and corrosion proof galvanized steel hardware.

Buckles and rings with environmental corrosion resistance of 48

Load capacity: 140 kg. (310lbs).

Harness adjusts with hex slider.

OPTIONAL: Upper back cushioning system (with
extra cost).

Ancla 2
Ancla 1
Proteccion Contra Caidas Skold

Proteccion Contra Caidas Skold

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