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Torrero-type full body harness

Our full body harness made with a nylon band saddle that facilitates maneuverability and comfort for the user. The 11/4” nylon band has a tensile strength of 7,500 lbs. that supports a person weighing up to 140 kgs. (310lbs).


Harness with fall arrest system, ascent, descent, positioning, rescue and suspension.

9kV classification according to ASTM.

Passes NFPA 1971/1981 heat test.

Passes NFPA 1971/1981 flash test.

7,000 tension strength pound belt.

5 adjustment points.

Available in  7 rings.

Available with drop indicator.

Adjustable sub pelvic band.

Adjustable D-ring with 5,000 lbs. (2,268 kg) static strength.

2 side D-rings for positioning.

2 shoulder rings.

1 chest ring and 1 belly ring.

Suspension chair with 2 rings.

Removable lumbar belt.

Buckles with static resistance of 1,815 kg (4,000 lbs).

Adjustable chest strap.

4,082 kg (9,000 lbs) static strength tape.

Webbing retainer clips for legs, chest and shoulders.

Inspection label.

Serial number.

Can accommodate a tool belt.

Buckles and rings with 48-hour environmental corrosion resistance.

Load capacity: 140 kg. (310lbs).

It can be with or without reflective.

OPTIONAL: Ultra soft padding system for shoulders and/or legs (with extra cost).

Ancla 2

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HARNESS [ Full Body ]


HARNESS [ Full Body ]

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Proteccion Contra Caidas Skold

Proteccion Contra Caidas Skold

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