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The ideal suit for the most extreme conditions. Sköld Aluminized Suits are lightweight, radiant heat resistant and designed for use in fire and rescue applications such as Foundries, Steel Plants, Chemical Plants, Airport Facilities and other industries where ambient temperatures can reach up to 200°F ( 93°C). The suits have an outer layer of aluminized Kevlar that reflects 90% of radiant heat to withstand radiant temperatures up to 2000°F (1093°C), and are constructed to allow flexibility and free movement. Our suit meets and exceeds the mechanical, physical and chemical properties requested in the regulations.


11 gauge aluminized Kevlar fabric  Oz anti flame.


Chambray 7.5 Oz thermal barrier made of Nomex Kevlar.


Neoprene moisture barrier (1991 version) or Stedair 3000 (2013 version).


Knee reinforcements in second layer of aluminized Kevlar.


Fire-retardant Velcro for vapor-tight closure.


Zipper with quick release system.


Kevlar 30/3 thread seams and in high wear areas there are double or triple seams to prevent tearing.


Pants with elastic system for better support to the hip.


Ankles with elastic adjustment to prevent the entry of vapors.


Carnaza on sleeves and ankles.


Unique shield-type neck design which allows full 360-degree coverage of the neck.


Padded shoulder straps with quick connection system.


Pants with attachment points for extra layers.


It has interior pockets to store equipment.


Kevlar cuffs with thumb grommet.


DRD (Drag & Rescue Device) rescue and drag system, included in the NFPA 1971 2013 Edition model


FPAPROX13 Professional Approach Firefighter Suit NFPA 2013
FPAPROX91 Fire Brigade Approach Suit NFPA 91
FPGAP Firefighter Approach Gloves (Aluminized)
EALU-R-AR Helmet cover with aluminized approach skirt (accessory)


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