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The firefighter helmet is made of fiberglass, which makes it resistant to chemical attack and stable in exposure to high temperatures. Provides excellent comfort and performance offering long life, meets and exceeds the strongest heat requirements of all structural fire helmets.


Aluminized Kevlar neck protector with Nomex inner lining.

The casing is made of the highest quality high-density thermoplastic, reinforced, finely finished inside and out. It has a center rib and triangular front for added support.

The helmet, for greater ease, has ratchet-type adjustments and suspension for net-type support, providing greater safety and comfort. It also has an aluminized nape with Nomex lining and padding on the forehead for head support.

It has padded interior support for greater comfort.

It has a 4-point adjustable chinstrap with quick removal action, with chin guard.

Its bezel is for helmet protection.

They have a bracket on the back of the helmet to hang on.

The helmet has its polycarbonate face protector, against impacts and with a thermal protective film for 800 °C, anti-scratch and anti-fog.

Adjustment points allow custom fit, personalized balance and a good fit with the SCBA.

Certification EN 469-2014.


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