The Sköld closed-circuit breathing device is a high-security device, very reliable and very comfortable; It is especially indicated for long-term tasks in toxic environments in hostile environments. Calcium Phosphate absorbs carbon dioxide in exhaled air and oxygen is constantly added by an internal cylinder and is not expelled but purified. Depending on the job, the duration of use is up to four hours. Compressed oxygen is used for the oxygen supply. It has a simple structure for long hours of work, it is small in size with light weight making this device ergonomically very comfortable. The harness offers great freedom of movement with little effort. The accommodation of the respiratory tube is on the shoulders, ensuring an excellent balance of the device on the user's back.


Equipment lasting up to 4 hours.

These equipments are used for long-term jobs and mostly in the mining industry.


 Made with hypoallergenic silicone.

180 degree view from left to right and bottom to top.

In SCBA's the highest degree of vision.

Double tight seal fit.

Five attachment points with adjustable silicone straps.

Impact-resistant polycarbonate lens with anti-scratch treatment on the outside and anti-fog treatment on the inside.

Does not present optical distortion.

Inner nose cup of the mask is removable, it prevents the flow of air towards the eyes.

Voice transmitter diaphragm.


Light weight, safe, comfortable, ergonomic.

Distributes weight at hip height.

Belts covered in  Nomex with Kevlar pillows.

  Belt adjustment to achieve the best ergonomics to provide comfort and mobility.


The oxygen cylinder is carbon fiber.

Corrosion-resistant material, seamless, valve  rupture disc gauge, cylinder internal pressure gauge.


Made of black ABS.


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