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Sköld Safety has the ability to design, manufacture and sell gas detection instruments in local and global markets. The gas detection instruments we have designed are widely used in petrochemical, municipal environmental protection, coal mine, fire fighting, research laboratories and other natural and wide ranges of industrial environments.


Our main products are portable gas detectors, which can detect and monitor various toxic, VOC, oxygen, combustible and flammable gas real-time concentration and provide users with signal detection solutions and alarm against potential dangers to ensure a good air quality and personal safety.


Intrinsically safe approval and Ex test certificate.


Portable, industry use, high sensitivity and accuracy.

High quality imported sensors.

Fully adjustable high and low alarm, STEL and TWA alarm.


Support data logging function which is read via USB.


Low power consumption LED display.


Charging base, easier access to recharging.


ABS + PC rigid thermoplastic frame and durable buttons.


External air sampling pump available for gas leak detection.


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