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Sköld's Level A Encapsulated Suit is developed to fully protect the user against toxic and corrosive gases, liquids and solid chemicals to provide immediate response to emergencies, with a highly visible suit, being very resistant to puncture and tear giving a long service life.


Chloroprene fabric 0.38 mm thick.


16% elongation.


Tensile strength 136 kg.


High protection against vapours, gases, liquids and solids; either toxic or corrosive.


Heat and flame resistant.


Extremely puncture and tear resistant fabric for long life.


Pirelli exhalation valve.


Gas-tight PVC zipper covered with FR velcro flap.


Heat-sealed and armored seams 100% waterproof.


Resistant to acids, alkalis and gases or liquids containing phosphorus or sulfur.


Perfectly suitable for industrial or domestic emergency response situations.


Expanded back ideal for use with SCBA.

Highly visible orange color.


Large viewfinder.


Interchangeable outer gloves with ring sealing system.


Withstands high voltage.


PVC mask with Teflon coating.


Integrated puncture resistant natural rubber boots.


Thickness: 0.45mm ± 0.5mm.



80% Sulfuric Acid

60% Nitric Acid

30% Hydrochloric Acid



6.1 mol/L Sodium Hydroxide


Flame retardant ≤10 sec.


ATM Certifications F739-99, EN369 Level 6




Contaminated atmospheres, chemical spill emergencies, confined spaces.


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