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18” long double layer full face hood in natural white knitted Nomex, lightweight and comfortable fit. Designed to protect the hair, ears and back of the head from the heat and flames of a fire, with no seam in the beard area for added protection.
The full face hood can be used with your Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA). Sewn with 100% Nomex thread. The hood has an 18” protection that covers the firefighter's chest, also covers the parts of the face that must be protected. Designed to be used with or without a respiratory mask.


Nomex is one of the most popular fabrics on the market.

The material does not melt, does not drip, when exposed to fire.

The material is fully self-extinguishing and inherently fire resistant (no harsh chemical treatments).

Odor neutralizer, anti-static, low thermal conductivity.

Maintains performance values after washing.



2 layers of material on the head.

1 layer of material on shoulders.



Head length 13″.

Bib (apron) length with shoulder insert 4″, 17″ total length.


Full opening of circular measuring face 120mm – 145mm.

Elastic face opening stretches to accommodate a circumference of at least 31″ (800mm) for ease of donning, snug fit and proper seal with fullface SCBA.



100% Nomex yarn.

Universal size.



Material  – 100% Nomex

Weight  – 8.6 Oz/yd2 (1/-0.5)

Color  – Black and white (standard)

Thermal protection capacity (TPP)  – Upon receiving 30.2 cal/cm2 after 5 washes 33.1 cal/cm2

Tearing force – 865N

Heat and thermal shrinkage resistance test  – Upon receiving 0%  after 5 washes 0%

Seam rupture strength test  – 1110N

ARC thermal performance value (ATPV)  – 1 layer 6.3 cal/cm2 (HRC 1), 2 layers 11.2 cal/cm2 (HRC 2)


ASTM F 1959/F 1959M – 06ae1 Performance Specifications 

HRC Level 1 = minimum 5 cal/cm2 to 7 cal/cm2

HRC Level 2 = minimum of 8 cal/cm2 to 24 cal/cm2

HRC Level 3 = minimum 25 cal/cm2 to 39 cal/cm2

HRC Level 4 = minimum 40 cal/cm2 and more


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