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The glove is specifically designed for structural fires, it is designed to resist the effects of flames, heat, vapors, dangerous liquids, sharp objects and any other risk that may be encountered during firefighter operations.
Designed in gold and black thermal leather, pistol cut, and wing thumb. On the back of the glove it has an elastic band at the wrist area for a better fit, leather reinforcement of the middle fingers for greater resistance, a reinforcement on the palm in the index finger and the thumb helps reduce wear and tear.

The index finger is constructed in a running fashion eliminating the exposed seam. Full interior lining of Modacrylic (SEF) Self Extinguishing Fabric, the thermal lining is sewn to each finger of the skin layer, using Kevlar thread. It is supplied with an internal leather strap to facilitate drying and storage.



Skin: Carnaza beef skin from 1.5 to 1.7 mm. Thick in gold and black. Our leather is resistant to breakage and stiffness.


Thermal lining: The glove has an inner barrier of Modacrylic (SEF) Self Extinguishing Fabric sewn with Nomex thread, the material has plush on one side for comfort.


Elastic cuff: The elastic cuff is made of Kevlar, with 2 layers of a minimum of 3″ in length, a skin patch covers the wrist area and is sewn with Kevlar thread.


Leather cuff: 2″ leather cuff with 2 layer Kevlar elastic cuff can be ordered as an option, the inner Kevlar cuff is not an NFPA requirement, but was added for protection.


Seams: All seams are made with Kevlar Tex-80 thread or similar, with a minimum of 8 stitches per inch.


Sizes: Gloves are available in sizes: Large, X-large.



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