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At Sköld we guarantee the safety of people who carry out maintenance and construction work on the roof of an industrial warehouse.
The fall prevention system is made up of a series of anchor points, isolated or joined by a steel cable. You hook into the system with a guide or a lanyard. In this way, you will have optimal freedom of movement. And so you can get the job done perfectly and, above all, safely.


Our system is certified by ANSI, CE, CSA.
Our lines are for a maximum use of 4 people simultaneously.


With the Sköld – XSplatforms system we can:


Install on any type of ceiling or wall material.

Any length, shape or depth.

Any obstacle you have on the roof, we have a solution, check it out.




Sköld XSPlatforms is the first fall protection industry to receive certification from the TÜV quality institute in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 with every production step from design to shipment performed according to certified procedures. In addition, all parts have a unique serial number for quality assurance and tracking.


Easy to install

With minimal (or no) drilling in the roof, fully top-mounted roof anchors, and longer distances between anchors.


Protects the roof and also the workers

Unique shock-absorbing flexible post anchor designs mean minimal or no damage to almost any type of roof after a fall.


Highly efficient

100% continuous fall protection systems to guarantee user safety and greater productivity. Durability: Extensive use of high quality stainless steel and aluminum for years of very low maintenance.


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