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Eyewash / drench hose, portable  self-contained are  designed for use in areas where piped water is not available.

The portable station with thermal jacket are designed to keep water in the tank at a temperature between 60 °F and 90 °F (15 °C and 32 °C), + 5 °F (2.8 °C) to help prevent the user from shock  of cold water.


  Eyewash Stations/Pressurized Drench Hoses
portables do not require hydrostatic testing of the tank to less than
that is required by a

  The maximum pressure with which the 21 gallon tank works
(79.49 liters) is 130 psi (896.3 kPa).

  The relief valve is designed to open at 115 psi (792.9 kPa).


All employees who could be exposed to a hazardous material shall be instructed in the location and proper use of the emergency eyewash/drench hose equipment. Experience has shown that an initial first aid treatment against irritants should be irrigation of the eyes and face for 15 minutes prior to medical treatment. It is important to keep your eyelids open and roll your eyes so that the water
flow over the entire surface and folds of the eye.


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