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Large dual hook lanyard of 1.82mts. which is characterized by having an integrated shock absorber that dissipates the energy accumulated in a fall.

Our galvanized steel hooks comply with the new ANSI and OSHA. When using Sköld fall protection systems, you can ask our advisors for training and updating on current national and international regulations on safety systems for work at height.


Lifeline with shock absorber, made of high tenacity band 1” wide x 1.80 meters long, made of Nomex/Kevlar), with a resistance of 5000 lbs.

The shock absorber is covered with a transparent PVC cover and is in turn covered by a folding textile cover that is fixed at one end and elastic at the other for easy inspection, with a textile gauze at one end, made of Nomex/Kevlar, and 1 double latch hook with 3/4” drive forged steel on the other end.


Each lifeline has a label containing the name, country, telephone number, material, model, brand, capacities, length, maximum range, batch number and date of manufacture, individual serial number, standards with which the harness, safety warnings , as well as inspection tag.


One person - 310 lbs. (140kg).


KVL (Kevlar Lifeline)

LVK-GG (With Large Hook)

LVK-D-GN (Dual Kevlar Lifeline)

LVK-D-GG (Large Hook Dual Kevlar Lifeline)


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