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At Sköld we have all the solutions in retractable systems, offering a variety of measures in nylon band or galvanized steel cable.
Sköld retractable lines have an automatic braking system to prevent a fall; this way the fall is immediately restricted by the reaction of the retractable. The cable length is automatically adjusted thanks to an integrated system that offers the user unparalleled freedom of movement and at the same time 100% safety.


The success of the system is due to its double brake synchronized to the speed sensor, which offers the user great performance and versatility. Our systems are made with excellent quality materials for great durability as well as very low weight and have anti-spark characteristics.


Carabiner: 3/8 in (9.5cm)

Maximum load: 310 lbs.

Maximum arrest force: 900 lbs.

Maximum drop voltage distance: 24 in (60 cm)

Breaking strength: 3,300 lbs.


PCGS10FT 10' Galvanized Cable Retractable Line (3.00 MT) SKÖLD
PCS20FT 20' Galvanized Cable Retractable Line (6.00 MT) SKÖLD
PS30FT 30´ (9.00 MT) Galvanized Cable Retractable Line SKÖLD
PS50FT 50´ (15.0 MT) Galvanized Cable Retractable Line SKÖLD
PCWB Nylon Band Retractable Line 6´ (1.82 MT) SKÖLD
PCWB11FT Retractable Nylon Band Line 11´ (3.35  MT) SKÖLD
PW20FT Retractable Nylon Band Line 20´ (6.00 MT) SKÖLD
PW30FT Retractable Nylon Band Line 30´ (9.00 MT) SKÖLD


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