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At Sköld we seek total protection, which is why we have specialized in making garments with specific fabrics to withstand the most extreme working conditions. We make garments to the design of each industry with adjustment in sizes and colors as well as logo prints. Certifications. NFPA 70E, NFPA 2112, NFPA 1977, ASTM F 1930, and ASTM F955-03. At Sköld we have the solution for compliance with protection regulations for maintenance personnel where, when in contact with electricity, it is a requirement to wear clothing that protects against electric arcs, being the minimum in the industry Category II or a minimum of 9 Kcal. / cm2 where we have created a collection of garments that are adjusted to the needs of the industry. We have different fabrics to comply with this regulation, the most economical being flame retardant cotton with compliance with the NFPA 70E standard, we also have garments of Nomex which does not lose its protection throughout the useful life of the garment.

We have also developed clothing for category III and category IV reaching up to 40 Kcal/cm2, being the highest range of protection for the worker in the use of high voltage.



For our garments we use components such as zippers, buttons, reflective tape, snaps and thread that do not increase the risk of burns.

Our components are 100% flame retardant so that in contact with fire or heat they do not melt, drip or separate on exposure.

Our metal zippers and snaps are not exposed or in contact with the skin to avoid risks, and they must also be free of sharp points.

All the components we use have certifications for use in flame retardant clothing, so our commitment is to create 100% safe garments.



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