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Sköld and Dupont offer Nomex® fiber, an excellent fabric in its category in terms of its resistance and protection against fire, sudden explosion and/or electric arc, and with which the garments that save the lives of millions of workers around the world are made. of the world. Sköld offers different types of garments such as Overalls, Shirt, Camisole, Pants. With different types of closures, pockets and reflectors to meet the characteristics that Sköld customers look for in their garments.


DuPont™ Nomex® is made up of fibers that help to have greater resistance and that make the garment antistatic: 93% Nomex®, 5% Kevlar and 2% carbon fiber.

Provides incredible lightness, comfort and extreme durability.

With heat, Nomex® chars and thickens, creating a protective barrier between the fire and the worker's skin.

Garments last 3-5 times longer than most standard protective fabrics.

The protective qualities of Nomex® lie in the fiber molecule; no chemical treatments are needed for the garment to have fire retardant properties.

The fabric does not shrink in the wash and rarely wrinkles.

All other points applied to clothing such as lines, zippers, buttons, Velcro, etc.) are flame retardant, guaranteeing the integrity and performance of all protective equipment.

Facilitates thermal exchange between the skin and the environment.


Clothes made with Nomex IIIA or Nomex Confort Dupont in 4.5 or 6 oz, in different colors.

All seams are made with Kevlar thread, most of the seams are double or triple in the areas of greatest wear.

Improved Elastic System throughout the waist for greater comfort and fit.

Reflective tape (optional) on the shoulders for greater visibility.

Improvements in neck, cuffs for greater durability.

All Sköld clothing made with Nomex® fabric have the following certifications:

    - NFPA2112 (fabric, reflective, sewing and patching threads, safety snaps and zippers).

    - ASTM1930



Petrochemical and gas, industries and jobs in general.


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