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Our system is certified by ANSI, CE, CSA and our portable lines are for a maximum use of 2 people simultaneously in a maximum length of 20 meters. Our systems have an impact absorber and a tension system depending on the material used, since we have systems for:

Nylon Band the easiest to install and use.

Nylon cord excellent for abrasive work.

Steel Cable the most resistant but with a little more work in installation.


FS804 Horizontal Adjustable and Portable Band-type Lifeline of 20 meters
FS805 20m Adjustable and Portable Rope Horizontal Lifeline
FS806 20m Adjustable and Portable Steel Cable Horizontal Lifeline



Horizontal Lifeline for 2 people adjustable from 1 meter to 20 meters and with the characteristic of being portable since it has a simple system to put on and take off.

Features 2 extra strong anchor points to go around beams, columns or other anchors.

Features 2 safety hooks for structural connection.

2 D Movable rings for belt connection.

Ratchet-type tensioner for easy use on rope and band.

Stainless steel tensioner in steel cable system.

Transport bag.

1 3/4″” Black Polyester Lifeline Webbing.

Abrasion resistance > 12,500 lbs.

1 3/4″” black polyester band-type Anchor Points.

Tensile strength > 12,500 lbs.

Grade 10 Polyester Thread (40 lbs).

Hook tensile strength > 5000 lbs.

Hook Door Certified > 3600 lbs.

Shock absorber in horizontal line.

Steel D-rings certified to withstand more than 5,000 pounds.

Weight capacity 400 lbs per person / 2 people maximum, including Harness, lifeline and tools.”


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