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At Sköld we have 2 portable lanyard systems, the rope type (portable) and the steel cable type (fixed). The 2 systems can be used by 2 users simultaneously as long as they are attached to Sköld sliders. Sköld Vertical Lanyard give you the freedom to climb and descend safely with a maximum free fall of 60 cm. The system is certified by ANSI according to the regulations requested by OSHA and CE.



LVVC-3 Vertical Rope Lifeline (3 m)
LVVC-25 Vertical Rope Lifeline 5/8″” / 25′ (7.62 m)
LVVC-50 Vertical Rope Lifeline 5/8″” / 50′ (15.0 m)
LVVC-75 Vertical Rope Lifeline 5/8″” / 75′ (23.0 m)
LVVC-100 Vertical Rope Lifeline 5/8″” / 100′ (30.0 m)
LVVC-150 Vertical Rope Lifeline 5/8″” / 150′ (45.0 m)
LVVC-200 Vertical Rope Lifeline 5/8″” / 200′ (61.0 m)
LVVC-250 Vertical Rope Lifeline 5/8″” / 250′ (76.0 m)
SCD Detachable Cord Holder 5/8″” Sköld
GC Carabinero with Double Insurance
* The measure is made at the request of the user, in case the measure sought is not the one marked by the part number, the closest to the order will be used.



Vertical Lifeline Galvanized Steel 5/16 (define length in quote)
It includes:
LVV-AG  Upper and lower anchorage, tensioner, shock absorber and a cable holder with carabiner
SC  Cable Holder (2 recommended per line minimum 1)
GC Carabinero with Double Insurance

Features :


Rope Type

It is a portable system in addition to being very simple based on a rope of a certain length and 2 hooks at the ends which has the quality of being able to be installed in a very simple and fast way, being an ideal product for sporadic jobs or where they change jobs. location continuously.

The rope type vertical line system consists of: 5/8 Corrosion resistant and UV resistant Nylon rope (measure to request)

1 stainless steel rope clip

2 small ANSI hooks at the ends


Wire Rope Type

It is a fixed system which is made to measure for the ladder, having anchors at the 2 ends as well as a shock absorber and tensioner. This system has a more elaborate but simple installation for any maintenance personnel.

The steel cable type vertical line system consists of:

Galvanized steel cable (stainless steel on special request) gauge 5/16 (measure to request)

Galvanized steel anchor bases with epoxy coating to prevent corrosion

Shock absorber in the upper part in stainless steel material

Tensioner in the lower part in stainless steel material

Superior anchorage with arm of 1.20 meters to be able to connect or disconnect safely on the roof

1 Stainless steel cable clamp slider

* Also available rope grab or cable tie for individual sale (check your part number)


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