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Confined spaces constitute a significant risk to the health and safety of your workers. To facilitate any type of work in a confined space, it is necessary to have a safe entry and exit system and, if necessary, an appropriate and functional rescue system. The tripod for confined spaces is made of a very resistant aluminum alloy with the option to mount 2 systems on the tripod.


Interior Headroom 81″”

Distance between Feet 61″”

Max Diam. Hole 44″”

Working Load 350 lbs -Overall Height 84″”

Storage Length 65″”

Outside Head Diam 17″”

Leg Adj Increments 6″”

Weight 50 lbs FS960-50 3-WAY

Length/Type 50′ Gal Steel

Breaking Strength 3800-4200 lbs.

Max Work Load 310lbs-Min Work Load 110lbs

Locking Speed 4-5 ft/sec -Stopping Distance < 2 ft -Speed

Rescue Mode Apprex 20 ft/min -Gear Ratio 5.5:1

Mechanical Advantage 20:1 -Weight 29 lbs FS958-65 -Cable 3/16″”

Steel-Weight 32 lbs.

Lifting Capacity 600 lbs -Size 11″” x 8″”

Handle Length 14″””



Confined Space System
Includes Tripod, 50' 3-Way Crank (15.00 MT)

Tool Crank and Sköld Suitcase
50' (15 m) 3-Way Crank Tripod
15-meter 3-way crank for rescue


Confined Space System
Includes Tripod, 75' 3-Way Crank (23.00 MT)

Tool Crank and Sköld Suitcase
75' (23 m) 3-Way Crank Tripod
Tripod  Aluminum Skold (tripod only)
Part Numbers:
SKOLD Confined Space System - Includes tripod, 30-meter (98-foot) 3-way crank, tool crank, and case: EC-30
50'(15MT) 3-Way Crank Tripod: EC-M15
Tripod  Aluminum Skold (tripod only): EC-TA


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